Robin food and share food forest

Once upon a time, in a land, far far away, there lived a young man named Robin. He was employed as a blacksmith at the court of Empress dissatisfied. Everything went actually to his benefit. He had a well-paid job, a medium sized house, and a loving wife. But as fate would came a time when his wife was terribly sick and she eventually died from the effects of this disease. After the funeral of his wife, it was getting worse. Neither house, his work, nor his money could cheer him up. His colleagues and acquaintances told him it was bad, but he still had enough things on which he could still be happy. He would represent more than the imperial standard. But Robin was always sad and finally grabbed his things and left. He set off by the artificial trees that have been built by the Imperial Constructionbrigade. In some of the trees you could live, some were growing fruit and all kinds of other things you could buy afterwards. So his feet were taking him further and further away,to the outer edge of the imperial trees, where he eventually paused. The trees on the outskirts were unkempt and partially disintegrated. Many viewed that way because they no longer used for a long time, and gelasssen stand by the people there were just. It all seemed lonely until he took a slight sound true. He walked around the tree was in front of him, and saw a bunch of funny-dressed people who prepared food geimeinsam. It looked as if would do what they wanted, and also apparently wore the clothes they were as beautiful, and probably not at all directed to the imperial fashion. They were probably just important that she inflicted no harm in their actions, what he concluded from their behavior when they saw him they were smiling at him, and offered him food. On closer inspection, she even seemed somehow to have another meal. Your tomatoes for instance, were small, and bright red. Not so big and beautiful orange as they were in the Empire. Also, they tasted weird fruity and sweet, not at all watery as beautiful as the imperial. He lived a time in perfect harmony, with him now no longer strangers. One evening it came to pass then, that he thought to himself, „I'm blacksmith,“ so why do not I build a tree, a quasi-machine, produce the food. One could even make use of any part of the Materiel old abandoned trees. So he set out, and started to build this tree. He collected a lot of material, and it took several days before he was finally ready and able to move. It was fantastic to be living there! Slowly, he had to eat far more than he needed, and depending on himself alone would be able to eat everything. Tagesw a stray a few beggars in front of his door, and looked thrilled his flora. When they saw him they asked him if they could be eating a little of him. „No problem,“ he said. He returned briefly in his tree, and when he came back, he had plenty to eat in his hands, which he handed them friendly. This gradually became a habit. Again and again came the beggar over to him, and he always gave them plenty to eat. Most friendly, wordlessly and without demand. After a few months of a beggar came to him and why he always give food to them, but never ask or what would, and that's where they had never worked even a piece of him … „I have to eat more than enough to make it alone I könnete aufeeesen ever. In addition, you'd have ended but otherwise go hungry …“ They watched in amazement. „Is it because you never made?“ asked another. „Do not think …“ he grinned. „As long as you do not will not much longer ….“ The beggar looked again at verduzt. „But why did you sell it not?“ they wondered. „Because I was not money in the past made her happy. I had enough money. In addition, you would then also nothing more of it and müsstet hungry again. So that would not help.“ They were all silent for a little while. One of the beggar finally broke the silence, and asked for the above show gratitude to him somehow, or could help him somehow. „Hmm …“ said Robin. „Is it all done … yes - It is because …“, he was a little attachments, and scratched his head.„ I often get bored since the tree is done Why do not you help me in this quest. ShareFoodTree to build another? “ „You're welcome!“ said the beggar away. The others turned to face him, and looked at him in astonishment. So alike, they turned to Robin and said: „We want to help you!“ „I was even used to be a carpenter …“ began after a hastily. „We really have no one working for a long time since the new imperial Regulation.“ „Okay.“ said Robin. And so they began to build together a more share food trees. From then on they called him Robin Food, and the trees they called the ShareFoodForest.Sogar musicians and artists began to carry the idea further, and writers, they began niederzuschreiben.Und the more trees they planted, the more good food they could give to others . This meant that people were happier and more carefree in the Empire a bit. This is what happened later that no one paid more for food in the Empire had, and they were even a role model for other Kasiertümer, and also that it began to Tuen them immediately. Eventually had to go hungry until no one on earth. And thus was created the earth for the first time the base together, not against each other to live.

sorry, but a big part of this text is still google translate - feel free to edit it, so everybody can understand it.

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