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Be welcome to the ShareFoodForest Wiki. Feel invited to help us to create a sustainable and fulfilling habitat. Help us creating content and to inspire and support other projects. we are one devided by zero.

the englisch version is not up to date ! → to access more data please use the german version and/or help us translate.

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Share Food Forest is a project for decentralized, self-sufficient food production in a non-profit-oriented context.

Apart from the presentation and elaboration of the basic philosophy and vision of the project, we gather in this wiki concept fragments, basic knowledge, links to related projects and organize the next steps.

ShareFoodForest sees itself as an initiative of scientists, artists and interested parties. Currently a couple of people gather their thoughts together and still people have the desire to participate and get involved with specific skills and abilities.

More important seems to us but to begin to gain an overview of all related issues such as good and it is also transparent to the public and make it universally usable.

irc chat | psyc chat (howto) | radio

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